How to Live Out of Your Car: Be A Renegade Camper

Names have been changed to protect the identities of the innocent. On a rainy winter night I approached a mini-bus parked at a dirt field at the end of town. There were no signs of light inside and no other sounds besides water droplets bouncing off the fiberglass roof.  "Jack! You in there?" I called listening for any movement within. Then the hydraulic doors parted the way they'd down thousands of times before when the micro-bus was in use by the City of Bellflower. "What are you up [...]

Man and Cactus

Under the light of the moon, deep in the deserts of Baja, stands a man and cactus. Where coyotes howl atop boulders the size of buildings and crickets sing to the empty road. Dorment volcanos slumber in the distance as we wait for morning to continue our journey to the sea. [...]

The German Biker Gang

Our HFJ news team was involved in a skirmish with an outlaw German Motorcycle Gang a few days ago. The group pulled up beside the news van blasting music by Prince from high wattage motorcycle speakers.  The man here with the glasses took a seat on the hood of the news vehicle and peered through the front window.  That was when our news team told them to shut down the music.  They said they wouldn't turn off their music for anyone and that they would kick somebody's ass if they have too. [...]

Stand Up Paddleboarders Vs. Surfers at C-Street

Disclosure: Names have been changed to protect individuals at the scene of the crime A Stand-Up Paddleboarder who goes by the name of “Shark” attacked a longboarder at C-Street on April 17, 2012.  Witnesses say it was a sunny mellow day, “everybody was having a good time” until a stand-up paddleboarder started getting a little greedy with waves.  The longboarder made a comment that offended “Shark.”   Witnesses say there was a skirmish and the longboarder was struck by Shark's [...]

Alien Caveman

In a dark land was born a hero, a defender of the universe, a revolutionary.  And this man beat to a different drum.  He spoke of engines that defied the laws of physics and generated their own energy through magnets.  He built a dredge that could turn the Himalayas to the Grand Canyon.  But most will remember this man as a phenomenal surfer who broke all the rules of surfing.  Some birds were meant to fly free.  Caveman navigated his sailboat from Santa Cruz Island to Ventura Harbor in Gail [...]

Journey to the Land of the Chumash: A Surf Tale -By Dancing Dear Man

I hid in "Pistachio" (The name of my camper) as a short lived but nonetheless heavy rain dripped through the surfboard rack modification I'd done to the roof.  More 5200 sealant would  definitely fix the problem.  I thought.  The rain ceased at sunset and I searched the area for wood to build a fire.  Songs that I hadn't been able to remember for years flowed through my guitar before the campfire.  That next morning fresh trails from the runoff the night before exposed previously covered [...]

Northwest Swell Closes Out Ventura Pier

Northwest swell closes out the Ventura Pier.  Current races through the pilings like the Rogue River, faster than Laird could paddle.  Whenever the news decides to broadcast a large swell they close down the pier, post caution signs, and there are spectators all over the beach.  The piers still open and only one man around to tell.  I guess Dallas Rains didn't see this one on the doppler.  Luckily our news team caught this lonesome bystander on the biggest swell of 2012.   [...]

The Search For the Sunrader

  Recently I found myself on a road trip to the northwest in search of a mini Toyota RV.  It all started with a salvaged Toyota Dolphin that I found on craiglist for sale for only $1500.  For that cheap I thought I could take a train to Oregon from California so I decided to give the man a call. A raspy smoker's voice answered and told me his dad ripped the roof off when he hit a tree, but the engine runs great.  I could fix the roof with fiberglass the way you'd fix a surfboard or a boat.  I [...]