Alien Caveman

In a dark land was born a hero, a defender of the universe, a revolutionary.  And this man beat to a different drum.  He spoke of engines that defied the laws of physics and generated their own energy through magnets.  He built a dredge that could turn the Himalayas to the Grand Canyon.  But most will remember this man as a phenomenal surfer who broke all the rules of surfing.  Some birds were meant to fly free.  Caveman navigated his sailboat from Santa Cruz Island to Ventura Harbor in Gail [...]

Surf Art By Chris Charney

Charney comes from a time in surfing when power meant throwing as much water of the back of the wave that down the line momentum would allow.  Thankfully Central Coast waves are packed with power.  This turn went to the top of the wave the wave all the way to the flats without letting off the rail.  Charney entire life and all that he does is full of this outrageous energy.  From his art to the dance floor he’s full throttle.   [...]

Caveman Interview On Day To Day Issues…

  Tackle Box: What do you do for a living?  How do you survive? Caveman: Right now I’m pretty much living below poverty level because of this thing I’m involved with.  I’ve been doing it for years.  Living on ten, fifteen, five bucks a week.  I get food stamps because I’m over fifty.  Staying in an abandoned shop.  Sleeping on couches.  I try to put out the message.  I’ve done speeches at city hall.  I gave them DVD’s and disclaimers.  None of them signed them.  That’s [...]