Stand Up Paddleboarders Vs. Surfers at C-Street

Disclosure: Names have been changed to protect individuals at the scene of the crime A Stand-Up Paddleboarder who goes by the name of “Shark” attacked a longboarder at C-Street on April 17, 2012.  Witnesses say it was a sunny mellow day, “everybody was having a good time” until a stand-up paddleboarder started getting a little greedy with waves.  The longboarder made a comment that offended “Shark.”   Witnesses say there was a skirmish and the longboarder was struck by Shark's [...]

Journey to the Land of the Chumash: A Surf Tale -By Dancing Dear Man

I hid in "Pistachio" (The name of my camper) as a short lived but nonetheless heavy rain dripped through the surfboard rack modification I'd done to the roof.  More 5200 sealant would  definitely fix the problem.  I thought.  The rain ceased at sunset and I searched the area for wood to build a fire.  Songs that I hadn't been able to remember for years flowed through my guitar before the campfire.  That next morning fresh trails from the runoff the night before exposed previously covered [...]

Diablo Wind

High barometric pressure rises over the desert  draining air from the sea.  In a sudden change of temperature wind funnels between mountains on both sides of the Oxnard Plain.  Diablo Wind, as some like to say, hot dry desert air on a collision course with the sea.  Where wind and waves meet minute vortex's peel over the shore of the harbor.   [...]