How to Live Out of Your Car: Be A Renegade Camper

Names have been changed to protect the identities of the innocent. On a rainy winter night I approached a mini-bus parked at a dirt field at the end of town. There were no signs of light inside and no other sounds besides water droplets bouncing off the fiberglass roof.  "Jack! You in there?" I called listening for any movement within. Then the hydraulic doors parted the way they'd down thousands of times before when the micro-bus was in use by the City of Bellflower. "What are you up [...]

Man and Cactus

Under the light of the moon, deep in the deserts of Baja, stands a man and cactus. Where coyotes howl atop boulders the size of buildings and crickets sing to the empty road. Dorment volcanos slumber in the distance as we wait for morning to continue our journey to the sea. [...]

The Search For the Sunrader

  Recently I found myself on a road trip to the northwest in search of a mini Toyota RV.  It all started with a salvaged Toyota Dolphin that I found on craiglist for sale for only $1500.  For that cheap I thought I could take a train to Oregon from California so I decided to give the man a call. A raspy smoker's voice answered and told me his dad ripped the roof off when he hit a tree, but the engine runs great.  I could fix the roof with fiberglass the way you'd fix a surfboard or a boat.  I [...]

“Anchovi’s Taxi Service” Written by Barnacle Pete

An Overworked andoverpaid fisherman, I went into Barnacle Pete’s Seafood for two dollar and fifty cent “happy hour” beers. After a week at sea I needed to talk to a different face than my comrades on the boat, preferably a woman’s. A classic symptom of sleep deprivation, I talked until nobody wanted to talk anymore. I knew I was delirious, my favorite time to be in a bar. I called out, “I’ve had enough. I’m walking home.” [...]