Caveman Interview On Day To Day Issues…


Tackle Box: What do you do for a living?  How do you survive?

Caveman: Right now I’m pretty much living below poverty level because of this thing I’m involved with.  I’ve been doing it for years.  Living on ten, fifteen, five bucks a week.  I get food stamps because I’m over fifty.  Staying in an abandoned shop.  Sleeping on couches.  I try to put out the message.  I’ve done speeches at city hall.  I gave them DVD’s and disclaimers.  None of them signed them.  That’s illegal.  That’s a multi million dollar lawsuit in its own there.  The ignorant sons of bitches

I’ve stuck up for the economic infrastructure on a worldwide cause and nobody wants to do nothing.  I talked to the vice president of Boeing and they don’t want to do anything.  They were going to invite us up, fly us there and everything.  They know that we could definitely change the world with this.

We can end nuclear power, clean up the BP oil spill, cool down the reactors in Fukashima.  All they want to do is rip us off and steal us.  I think we need a new form of government with the corruption going on in Wall Street.  They need new types of laws to protect the scientists and inventors involved with the green alternative energy, and an anti shelving amendment.  Of course the lobbyists who are all supported by the evil people who own the nuclear power plants, all the evil polluters of our earth who don’t want to change because they got all their money invested in it.  When you got something superior with wind and solar combined that’s got a hundred if not a thousand different uses on a green alternative energy on a sustainable level for all of mankind, then they don’t want to see it go to work.

Tackle Box:  Can you describe this thing for the readers who don’t necessarily know what you’re talking about.

Caveman:  It was made as a dredge.  Of course all disclaimers must be signed with Lou Demairs who’s our president, for my protection.  Any of my surfboard designs, anything.  It all has to be signed with Lou Demars for what little protection we have because we have no money.  They’ll take it to the U.S. patent office and take it for five or ten percent.

Describe your surfing.


Caveman: Creative and experimental.

Tackle Box: What’s your favorite thing about surfing?

Caveman: It’s a release of energy, getting out there and having some fun and doing something creative or extra radical and creative, but flowing too.  Plus the hydro dolphin boards.  I’ve been riding those for years.  Now these guys are trying to get an idea about finless boards and all that.  All you have to do is just raise the V a little in the dolphin board, and you don’t need no damn fin.  These people have no clue about hydrodynamic flow.  If we were supposed to use our technology in many different things such as water flow we could definitely have some great energy efficient, uh, resources that could expand in many different ways.  It’s never going

to happen unless somebody puts up the money because I’ve about had it.

Tackle Box: Tell us about your experiences in Hawaii?


Caveman: Oh when I lived in haniha.  Hanalai boy that’s one of the best waves in world, very pretty, very fast and very clean.  I lived in a little town between Hanalai and Hiena.  It was called Waneha and we lived on a pig farm when I first moved there.  We were over here at Gladstones for fish on the PCH.  I met Dale Kennedy and Earl Down and us three went to Kauai, but I knew about it a long time ago because

Alex Jones

Translation: Cost your lives. Tell everybody to stay in. I might be leaving very soon to go save the world. All it takes is one particle to get into your lungs and it’s all over. Remember stay safe.

John Irons the Irons family, Phil, Matt and Mark, the older Irons.  They told me about it a long time ago because we used to surf Saphire, Topas, Torrance Beach back in the Sixties and in the late sixties.  Every now and then I’d see John.  They went to Torrance High first then they went to South High, so I knew them actually before High School.

They had a surfer gang and all that.  They had this thing called the torture ball.  You throw it against the wall, someone catches the ball and they have to go through a line of screaming, swinging, kicking kids.  Then you got to throw the ball.  So that made the men from the boys [laughs]

Oh yeah, Irons’ were creative, inventive, intuitive, and they were radical.  All of them.  They were all pretty good chaps.  They were good guys you know.  I had a lot of fun surfing with them back in the day.  Now I guess John doesn’t surf anymore.  He’s got a blown out back or some shit.  When I did go over to Kauai I hung out with them and surfed with them and stuff, but they wouldn’t want to go to the pig farm where I was at cause I guess they still ate people over there or whatever.  There were stories you know, spooky stories.  Just crazy shit.

 Tackle Box: Did anybody try to eat you?

Caveman: No. No, they had a giant wild bore over there about a thousand pounds.  I guess they fed it Hoale up in the mountains, the Pakaoloa patches back in the early seventies.  They brought it down the from the mountains and put it in the cage there, and used it for a breeder.  They put about a 250 saul in there and the fucking thing would innilate the female.

Earl Down was a black pearl diver in the late sixties and the seventies on Maui.  He’d make a thousand bucks a day diving black coral.  He was doing pretty good.  But you know, he got in an altercation and did a stabbing and had to leave the island.  They all knew who he was.  All the islands over there did. [He laughs]  But he came back and lived off the farm and did the pig sty everything.  I cleaned up Kathy’s vans because she’d go over to Tunnels and sell smoothies and make food for people and have hippie chicks work for here.  That was around the end of Taylor Camp days.  I guess they got a movie or some type of documentary on Taylor Camp.

List for Survival: Masks N95 for particle dust, Extra Water, Seaweed plus Iodine Tab, Keep all windows closed, doors etc. Hang up blankets or towels on windows. Stay inside for one week or more depending on news. Keep consistently updated. Do not do anything stupid.

Hippies shit in the creek and ate in there too and got Hepatitus.  But old man Taylor got pissed off at the county and said, “Hey you know anybody could live off my land.”  So you got all these people from the Height Ashbury, from New York and all over the place.  They were real hippies.  No fakes on this one.

Tackle Box: Did you hang out with them at all?

Caveman: No, I didn’t hang out with the hippies.  I hung out with the Hawaiians.  They taught me how to sew net, patch net, do bang bang.  I hung out with the old old guys, guys who were sixty seventy years old.  I go out there and be their bag boy.  They’d be out there getting there fish in the net and I go out there and bag it up and drag it over the reef, because they were too old to do that shit.  But they could still go out and have fun.  It was good fun.  They even gave me the key to Hanaleia for the gate there so I’d watch all there shit.

Tackle Box: How was the surfing?

Caveman: Oh the surfing was just awesome.  There were places at the end of the road that were so gnarly.  They’d dry reef.  They were thick ones you know.  They were good.  Sometimes they were real good and just too dangerous.

Tackle Box: Did you ride finless boards back then?

Caveman: Well there was a guy named Hydro and Happy Hoover knew him over here in Hueneme and Oxnard.  Hydro got killed in the streets in Hanaleia, but Hydro was making some boards way back then that still had fins but they had some really deep concaves and stuff.  They were pretty impressive, but he only made a few.

Then Earl Down was friends with Aggaman.  Agaman lived in a Cave on Maui where he was making LSD because he was pretty darn smart.  I don’t know what happened to him.  They say he went nuts or something.  But he was making Aga boards and they were finless, double rail concave, tunnel hull boards similar to mine.  He was beyond his time.  Of course he never surfed in contests, but Lopez and all these other people that came over there knew who Agaman was.  Nobody would be doing 360’s in the barrel, or double or triple 360’s.  Then he’d pull off El Rollos in the barrel.  He was just like a dolphin.  Nobody was like him.  But eventually the brains got to him and he went nuts or they killed him.  I don’t know.  It’s just a mystery.  Just like they killed hydro in Hanaleai.

Brooks hit him in the head with a pipe right in the streets of Hanaleia.  Then I moved into his shack right after that.  The rat shack, that’s what we called it.  Brooks was a drunk and a pill freak and a druggie.  He was always fucked up.  He came from Newport Beach.

Tackle Box: So he hit Hydro in the head with a pipe?

Caveman: Yeah.  Then there were some other instances like at the end of the road some guy had a bunch of pills and shit, at the end of Taylor Camp days.  Well, Taylor Camp was over by then.  Well Brooks got this guy popping all these pills.  Brooks OD’d him.  He did some pretty bad things to some people.  He’d get them all high and pretend he got higher.  He OD them and take all their shit, and get everybody else fucked up and make some money off of it.

Well they never found him.  I guess the pig hunters murdered his ass in Kala’lou.

Tackle Box: What for?

Caveman: Because he was Brooks!  They knew that he was doing all this shady shit.  But he’d come out to the farm and hang out with us and drink and party you know, during the slaughters.  We’d slaughter hogs.  I wasn’t much into that you know.  I just wanted to surf.

We picked Ope’I for rent.  A mason jar filled with Opea’I shelled would be like thirty five bucks.  Back then a couple of jars, well, three jars from us would pay for rent.

My dad came over there and saw how we were living like animals with no stove or no way to cook or cooking outside in a tent over there.

Earl Down would light a fire in the pouring rain.  He saved all our asses.  He was very meticulous.  His surfing.  He was a really good surfer.  He was in jail a couple of times with Charley Manson for other types of murders, whatever.  He’s probably out now, maybe down there on Sunset Blvd. At Gladstones painting up the rocks again.  All those rocks down there were painted different colors.

Tackle Box: What did your dad say when he saw how you were living?

Caveman; He said we were living like animals so we went to the camp store in Hanalea and bought us a camp stove.  That was great because it saved our asses.

Tackle Box: What’d your brother think of it?

Caveman: Gilbert, I don’t know.  He was mostly working for Boeing trying to get his way up the ladder.  He thought it was cool.  It was just his crazy brother Ronnie.  He was overprotective of me too.  He was one of the best guys working for Boeing and the vice president knew him personally, so they knew each other very well.  They were friends.

Tackle Box: Did you and your brother start surfing together?

Caveman: No he kind of got out of surfing.  He bought a board off of one of the original Beach Boys, Brian Wilson.  It was some old yellow log that hummed at the nose.  I remember when I was a kid there and they were telling him this and that.  I came to the beach with him a few times and lugged that thing in the water.  I could lug that thing in the water and I could stand up on it without any waves at my age.  Hell I was like six or seven years old.  But I caught a couple of waves with it and rode them in and that was it for me.  It was just too heavy and too bulky.  That was around nineteen sixty three, sixty four or sixty five, somewhere around that.  I don’t remember.

Woodmansee: That’s when you first started surfing?

Caveman: That’s when I first started surfing but I didn’t really get into surfing that much until like the seventies.  This kid I knew, Art Lyndsey, he was a real trouble maker.  He’d always go and steal shit and light shit on fire and his brother Charles Lyndsey was dealing drugs to the Hell’s Angels.  He got me to smoke my thing of marijuana.  He got me my first lid off the ice cream man for ten buck or whatever.  We smoked that shit and I was going up and down the street with a pair of crutches like nothing.  I wasn’t in crutches.  We were just fucking around with anything.

We’d go to the oil fields and one time we ripped off some dynamite.  We blew off some sticks and one of the sticks got to close when it went off and we got rocked by one of the sticks.  After that the dynamite disappeared, maybe his brother Charles got ahold of it or something.  I don’t know.  Another time we were going to this oil rig down the street and we’d break in there.  He’d start up that oil rig and rev it up, ‘rum, rum, rum’ and the towers about a hundred feet or so, maybe higher than that and we were just little shits, twelve years old.  He’s reving this thing, we went there about two or three times and I go you know what.  It had all these handles to put it into gear and shit and he’d never touch that.  Well the last time we went in there we started it up and I revved that thing up and threw it into gear.  That huge hoist went full speed towards the tower and we ran out of there.  I blew the whole fucking tower.  I mean it must have costed a million bucks on that deal.  That was my first instance of trying to destroy the mass polluters of this earth, the oil companies.  Scum bucket, mass polluters

They’re destroying our earth.  They’re lying and cheating.  They’re debunking, they’re doing whatever they can to keep them working and keep money in their pockets, you know.

Tackle Box: What about your experience out at the Channel Islands?  Surfing out there and just being out there?

Caveman: It was good.  Peaceful.

Tackle Box: Was it an escape from everything here?

Caveman: Yeah.  When I came back I bought a boat from what money I had from the pot farm we were running.  So I spent a lot of time in the boat yard helping my buddy Chris Vanderay and Tom Riley.  I was an urchin tender.  I was going to get my license a few times but my ears were pretty bad so I couldn’t dive.  They’re still bad.  My left ear is always swollen.  But out there I fixed up my boat.  I’d go in.  I was in Ventura Harbor.  I’d sail across.  Sometimes I’d bring a friend or two that wanted to go surf with me.  But I’d spend weeks out there.  I’d walk around the island and check stuff out.  Then we made a fire pit at Albert’s.  My buddy went over there.  He brought a bag of ready mix and some PVC and we built a shower over there.  It’s still over there.  He painted it all green so nobody would see it.  You can walk fifty yards up from the beach.  There’s a little hooch up there we made.  You can sit in there and have a little puff, have a drink.  You can go and take a shower there.

Basically it’s a summertime spot.  Winter you get the south and southeast winds where it’s no longer a good anchorage.  But weather can change any time of year out there.  But knowing the weather and the climate will tell you where to go.

But I’ve been to all of them.  I only went to Rosa on my boat but working on all the sea urchin boats.  I’ve been to Nick, San Clemente, San Miguel, Santa Rosa, I’ve been all around them.  But I also worked not just that.  I worked long line with Dennis on the engine and uh…He was a good old guy.  He’s Hawaiian.

Tackle Box: What were you guys fishing for on long line?

Caveman: You know rock cod, Cal cod, all that.  Out by Richardson Rock.  You know where thirty nine or forty people got stranded in the eighteen hundreds.

Tackle Box: Where’s Richardson Rock

Caveman: It’s off San Miguel.  That’s where that big wave spot with the jet ski guys towing in.  Where they won’t let them tow-in.

Tackle Box: People got stranded out there?

Caveman: Yeah, true story.  For I don’t know how many days, thirty, forty days, or something.  There were some people out there who had a ship wreck.

Tackle Box: Did they survive?

Caveman: Oh yeah.  They swam to the island.  They must have been eating raw muscles, urchins off the rocks, whatever. They couldn’t swim back to San Miguel Island or maybe a few of them could to warn somebody.  I don’t know.  It’s quite a ways from San Miguel Island, and it’s awfully damn cold and awfully sharky.  You can imagine what it was like back then in the 1800’s.  It was the full environment out there.  It wasn’t all hammered by fisherman who slaughtered it all.  They depleted it all.  Mexico’s got a better fishery and they instituted it at an early age, like in the seventies.  Now their ecosystems are coming back.  I wouldn’t say so much for the sewage systems and the water systems, but their fishing is ok.

Tackle Box: Were you around when there were abalone out there?

Caveman: Oh yeah we used to pick those all the time.  We used to pick them in Palos Verde at PV cove turn them upside down, barbeque them on the rocks and eat them right after surfing.  Paddleboard cove was a great place back in the late sixties and seventies.  We all had our little pads there.  We brought down our food, had parties, and I rode my old Nuuwa nose rider.  I still have that board.  Actually how I got the Nu’uwa noserider, it was stolen from a guy who stole it from a famous surfer.  It has red stripe on it so it was a competition board.  The stole a Jacob’s pintail along with it, a smaller board.  He took them out in the oil fields and buried them.  He asked me if I had any money.  I got some money and we went out to the oil fields and dug them up in the middle of the night.  I had a real nice clean David Nu’uwa noserider and the Jacobs, well, that got a lot of dings in it over the years.

I rode that thing pretty good.  Actually I learned how to do a barrel roll on that Jacobs pintail, back in the seventies.  That’s when I started doing the 360’s, because I also had a broken in half longboard that was like an egg, but was reshaped down.  It had a real small rakey fin on the back so it’d slide out and stuff.  So you could do spinners on it.  I actually learned how to do a lot of 360’s with that.  That was a really fun board.  I wish I would’ve taken up shaping then, but you know everybody wants to suppress your knowledge and your intelligence and not let you do anything.  That’s the way this world is, cause if your too smart, they don’t want you.  They want you to go along with the cattle.  Follow the crowd.  Do what everybody else does.  Don’t get out of the norm.  Don’t think out of the box, you know.

I actually go involved with this technology about fifteen years ago.  It was taken off the Russian submarine, “The Hunt for the Red October”, everybody’s seen the movie.  And that was that air driven, caterpillar, cyclonic motor that they had in the sub.  That sub could go seventy knots under the water.  That’s almost a hundred miles per hour in the water.  There was no subs at the time that could catch it, even nuclear subs.  We got that they rose it up to Glowmarst Explorer.  My dad worked for Howard Hughes, and that was a three billion dollar ship just built.  Off the coast of Kauai, out in the Marianna’s trench is where that thing fell apart in three pieces.  They raised up the most important part in the moonpool, took it in.

Another friend of mine who was an X-Navy Seal who lives in Indiana somewhere, he’s a good old chap, Sandy.  Sandy Cofax!  He looked just like him.  My dad knew him. He played on the Hollywood Stars.  Lou Gerig, Ronald Reagan, Chuck Conner, Sandy Koufax, Willie Mays, he knew all of them.  I used to go to the ball games at Torrence Park and Long Beach back in the sixties.  I shook a lot of their hands and met them.

My boss, my cousin, Gus was suppose to replace Mickey Mantle.  He is the owner of this amazing technology that was built out of titanium to do ocean mining at probably sixty billion dollars back then, but now it’s up to about one hundred and twenty billion dollars.

So I’ve been trying to get a hold of a friend who’s personal friends with Kevin Cossnar and he’s just been flaking.  I was going to use Eric’s phone, well ask him.  Of course he’s got to sign a disclaimer and all that.  I need to set up a meeting and make something happen.  Because once he knows…He told me Dick Cheney bought Deep Water Horizons from BP for twenty million dollars fourteen days before the oil spill.  Well, guess what, he made billions of dollars on the oil spill.  I think it’s all a big setup by the corporations.  These people just undermine and they lie.  They cause these big disasters then make a bunch of money off of them.  Cover up all the bullshit and lie, lie, lie, and cheat and steal.  This is what this is all about, cleaning up the earth and the government, and all the shit in it.

Tackle Box: What’s the number?

Caveman: Can you turn that off.

Tackle Box: Yeah.

Caveman: For the record it’s going off.  We will continue on with the recording.

Tackle Box: Ok, what’s the number?

Caveman: It’s a Colorado number.  It’s 951…

Tackle Box: I don’t know if I can.  It’s a buck fifty a minute.

Caveman: Well if I get a hold of Kevin Costner…

Tackle Box: I’m not paying a buck fifty a minute.

Caveman: I’ve got to find somebody with a fucking phone.

Tackle Box: Ok what do you think these people…

Caveman: It’s worth it.  I’ll be on there for a minute

Tackle Box: What do you think these people should take away…

Caveman: I’ll give you a hundred bucks.  I’ll give you a hundred bucks if I make money…So, it’s not on is it?

Caveman: Should I turn it back on?

The lights on, but it’s not on.

Tackle Box: So what do you think these people need to know?  What is the point of this interview?

Caveman: The point of this interview is putting me to work.  If I got billions of dollars of contracts around the world in five major multibillion dollar industries.  The six and seventh is top secret.  Because once this gets going I’ll have an LLC.  I’ll have a laboratory, and I’ll have people working and experimenting with me to, uh, the full use.

But I don’t need anybody to come in and take it away and corrupt it.  And they’ll do everything they can, just like the guy from Boeing said, ‘Ron, they’ll just buy you out for a few billion dollars or whatever.  You can’t do this.  Because we rule the world.”

They’re worth 200 trillion.  Boeing is worth 200 trillion dollars.  If you think Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grummin got together they could pay the United States thirty seven trillion dollar debt.  Since we got them all the work and all the contracts for their big damn war machine, and killed millions of people.  Don’t you think they could help us out a little bit?

They don’t know about Ellen crashing into the sun.  They don’t know about all these things that are happening in our astrophysical region and out here in our solar system either.  What’s up with Planet X, huh?  And what’s up with all this shit on TV?  On the History Channel with the ancient aliens and the giants and stuff.  Do you think they’re going to come down here and farm us?  There’s a lot of meat on this earth now, what seven billion people.  The Hawaiians said, ‘The Haole’s bra, they taste just like pork!..Put a little bit of fruit in there, cook ‘em up, bra.  Taste’s just like pork. ’

Personally I don’t like pork.  I don’t eat it anymore.  I’ll eat fish and chicken.  That’s all I eat.  But they don’t know what’s going on.  Then they got this NASA Tether incident up in space.  I keep telling Eric to check it out.  Well it’s ten miles long and they launched it in ’96.  What the hell is that thing up there for, huh?  What’s all that shit flying around it?  Flying saucers?  Well, what’s going on?  They’re not telling nobody about it.  They’re lying.  And what about all their underground installations and shit?  Yeah we know all about that too.  Yeah.  I’m ready to go underground and be a real Caveman.  Real soon.

They got this YU 55 comet.  It’s thirteen hundred miles in diameter flying around.  They say it’s going to hit here on the 8th of November, but we looked at the trig on the internet and it looks like it’s going to miss us, but who knows if they’re lying there?  They’ll no when it comes, what’s going to happen, and they’ll be underground.

Just like they were in Calcutta India.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and all those guys have underground bomb shelters all around the world.  And guess where they were?  On the backside of the smoke screen from the radioactive fallout in Calcutta India.  Now if we didn’t have the lowering of the jet stream we’d have radioactive poisoning here.  We already do now anyways because they’re finding it all over here, everywhere.  And they just had another meltdown in Pukashima that they didn’t tell anybody about.  Look at Rockadine and Boeing.  They covered it up.  That’s worst than three mile island.  For thirty years they covered it up.  You go out there to the Bob Hope Ranch and shit they’re standing out there M-16’s and cameras everywhere, you know.  What the hell is this country coming too?  Or this world?

One world, one order.  Well I got a whole new way to do the globalist thing.  Make us all farmers, reinstate a new government on alternative green energy and clean this god damn planet up.  All the mass polluters…put everybody to work as a farmer.  Sustainable living.  You know, you grow so many tomatoes.  I’ll grow so many apples, and we can barter.  Because if there is no food there is no bartering.  So there’s no transactions of any kind of monetary stuff.  You have to have a concrete foundation and that’s called farming.  Because farms make food.  If you don’t have food you starve to death and eat.

Another problem is the air, the oxygen and the trees being cut down.  Now seven billion people, well I wonder what the oxygen levels are doing from the upper stratosphere on down to ground level.  Well when it gets down to 23 or twenty two percent your going to be lying down on the ground like a hobo in the grass because that’s going to be the only thing left to breathe.  People are so stupid and ignorant it pisses me off.  They have no way, no how.

You’ve got the lake Tye project in China.  That is a fourteen billion dollar job that they have no way of cleaning up because of all their factories.  The EPA over there is corrupt, paid off by the Chinese government or shut up.  The people there are dying from the water and shit you know.  It just goes on and on.  We’re the best people to do it.  We can clean it up.  We can do twenty two thousand dollars and minute.  Our start up power is 250 miles per hour to mach four.  That breaks the sound barrier underwater.  Now you figure that out.  We put something like that.  The best pumping system in the world there with five billion dollar industries and your going to make trillions of dollars over night.  Because you’re going to reinstitute this technology on a worldwide use.

I told them at city hall where I did five speeches, Eric here was a witness to one, and they don’t want to do nothing.  And my friend was married to Swartzenegger’s sister Katy.  We tried to get to them to get to him, the state governer, and they did nothing.  The need new laws in municipals and cities that anyone who comes forward with an economic infrastructure such as ours, should be put to work.  They have a technology development center.  Well we were there, trying to get office space which our good friend Nolan did.  They did the worst thing…they kicked us out of there.  Here we are trying to fucking save the world and nobody will do nothing.  Fuck ‘em.

It’s all greed and the payoffs are big.  Just like the guy with the methane gas carbearater in Northern California.  My dad knew him in the fifties.  He was paid off by the oil companies for a million bucks, and told to shut up and walk away.  Another guy was Dennis Lee.  He had a little magnetic gyroscopic thing that you plug into the wall and it makes electricity.  Well thirteen sheriffs were hired by the CIA to go and take him and take all his shit and bury it.  And they’re still fighting in the courts for that.  It just goes on and on and on.  Anybody who tries to do anything good gets shut down.  Especially when it’s an energy resource that’s going to help all of us.  It’s all controlled by the cigarette companies, the alcohol companies and the oil companies, and the nuclear power companies.

And as far as nuclear power, why the fuck?  The moon has got helium 3 on it.  You can dial that up on the internet.  That’s a nonradioactive atomic bomb.  There is no radioactive fallout in helium 3.  Laura here just go married to a guy who works in radioactive disposal.  I go, ‘How come they don’t use helium 3?’  They could manufacture it here on the earth.  Cheap. And use it for nuclear power.  But no they want to use the bad stuff.  Now they’re in litigation for multi trillion dollar lawsuits for not using the alternative resource for atomics on a nonnuclear radioactive fallout cause.  But you know they don’t want to use that.  They want to use the bad shit.  They want to radiate you.

Then after this last little fallout think they had over there at Fukashima with all the shit that’s happened over there.  My buddy said it will carmelize the atmosphere with radiation.  I go, ‘oh that’s nice.’

Tackle Box: What about Tully?

Caveman: Sean Tully?  I don’t know.  He’s a pretty good artist and he’s a pretty graceful experimental surfer.  He’s kind of wild.  He follows the Dora thing.  The nazi-ism.  Well Dora didn’t like any of that really.  Dora didn’t like crowds and he didn’t like people and he didn’t like exposure.  He didn’t like people knowing about new surf spots and making it more crowded.  He goes, ‘there’s another McDonalds popping up over there and all the shit’s going to go in the water. Etc. etc. etc.’  I came really close to meeting him.  In fact he heard of me and he had this place down in baja.  I can’t say where it is but it’s a really good right.  He invited us down there before he died.  Then my other friend his mom did the contests here, Mark Elder had a place down there in Chile before anybody else.  His other buddy was kind of bummed to see Lopez and the film crew down there to expose Chile with all its perfect left points.

But Dora was down there.  He’s got a picture of him hanging out with Dora way back in the day.  But Trevor Smith saved him at Biarritz or LeBlair or whatever from dying and Trevor Smith brought back the sandwich wing carbon fiber graphite boards.  He got ripped off by Jan Michael Vincent.  Closed his door and everything and shut it all down.  He said the hell with this he walked away from everything.  Trevor Smith is a really good friend of mine.  He told me the whole story about that and the corruption behind it. And the Jan Michael Vincent deal with the drugs and the heroin and all that shit too.

Tackle Box: What happened there?

Caveman: He got out of it.  He didn’t do none of it.  He was controlled by those people who put up the money.  Trevor Smith was partners with him.  You know they have the graphlite board.  They got the graphlite from Israel because it was sandwich wing foam air wings they were making there.  And he went to Israel and brought graphlite back to the United States.  That’s where all their oil came from.  Powdered cobalt, and Israel is a very tiny corrupt country.

[Tape stops]

Caveman: It’s [the recorder] on now?

Tackle Box: Yes.

Caveman: Well yeah, you know Israel’s got the film industry, the media and the press, and it’s all controlled by them.  So do you think I want anything to do with that?  We’ve [his company] already contacted the associated press during the BP oil spill.  My boss talked to Jeff Savage, we told him on the phone there’s a five billion dollar buy out the first day we go into operation.  Of course they didn’t want to put up the money or do anything.  They were owned by Dick Cheney by then so they’re not going to let us go to work.  Nobody will unless somebody steps forward with millions of dollars and they want to do something on a huge alternative energy, environmental format for the world, and clean up all these messes so we can concur every single contract into the billions of dollars that will make us trillions.  We can get an immobilization draws or a partial draw or whatever.  We could do a demonstation.  We’ve done several.  We did one in Pennsylvania.  We did one at the dive school in Long Beach.  Captain Manny and Navy are all standing aside ready to just take our shit away from us.  But of course we’ve got a Navy Seal and a couple of other people with weapons at this little demo just in case any dirty shit came out.  We were going to shoot it out.  It came out really well except for the president in our company got fired, and this other guy Dave Vallochies is going to marry a multi billionaire that knows Stevie Wynn in Las Vegas.  They’re trying to rip us off right now as we speak.  I talked to a mathematician from Lockheed Martin about this who said anybody’s going to have a hell of a time trying to copy all this stuff.  There’s no way they could have an exact copy of it [Caveman’s technology].  But still they could make something that kind of works like that or something half ass.  They’ll still steal it from us.

But God Damn, somebody could get in an offshore bank account and put ten or twenty million dollars into the project and that’s going to make about three and a half million dollars interest and get us on the format and get this thing done the right way.  It could get us an international patent, the protection to move forward to do a demonstration in a third world nation because the United States sure doesn’t want this.

Tackle Box: Sorry to interrupt I’ve got to take a leak.

Caveman: Go ahead.  Shut that thing off and we’ll finish it up when you’re ready…[I return]  Here’s the final thing.  If they don’t put up the money and put us to work then we all lose.  All the environmental stuff that we back, clean earth, clean green energy.  Then they’ll never have this environmental thing going on.  I’m telling you, Glen Henning who started the Surfrider Foundation, he’s seen the DVD.  The Indian Malhi Pirha, he’s seen the DVD.  People can’t put two and two together and go, ‘wow, look.  It starts at 250 miles per hour.  Dams start at 80 miles per hour.  So if you put two of these in the Hoover Dam then you could power all of Las Vegas for practically nothing.  But that’s what they don’t want.  Ok, I’m going to bury these sons of bitches that pollute this earth, that lie and cheat all the way to the Whitehouse and NATO.  The hell with them, I am the globalist.  They want to know that.  The hell with Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and all that.  They’re all controlled by the aircraft companies who want to kill people, who want to create corruption, deception, and ignorance.  There they are.  They’re ready for you.  Put your army suit on.  They’ll make you a universal soldier.  They’ll make you use new technology to fight and kill with.  That’s what they’ve always been about.  Now either you get off your Roman cartel bullshit and do something green for the planet.  I’ve talked to Patagonia and unless I have the money to stop the courts nothings going to get done unless they put up the money to put us to work.  All my disclaimers must be signed and Eric here is a real good friend and he’s going to make damn sure that the shit sure gets to the right people.  A write up in a magazine.  Janna Iron’s, Sean Tully was running around with her.  He didn’t know how to find me?  He should’ve went to the Aloha House, somebody can track me down and let me know what’s going on.

Tackle Box: Is there anything you want to say to those millions reading this?

Caveman: Put your money in an offshore bank account.  You don’t spend any money on the premium, and you can use the interest to put us to work immediately.  Just like I said, I was ready to jump into a radioactive suit and go over there to clean up that pukashima disaster.  I’m ready to go any time!  I’ve had it!  I’ve got two weeks and then I’m going to do something very very insane.  Because if nobody listens, nobody does anything I’ve fucking had it.  The only way I’m going to do something is get it out there and let the people know.  I tried the wall street people.  I was sitting out there waiting for the issues.  I was the issues guy because I’ve got all the issues.  Plus we’ve got this amazing alternative energy resource that’s been tested by NASA and top secret navy intelligence, and we can’t go to work because they’re all corrupt supporting oil, dirty oil.  Go ahead drive your cars.  I haven’t driven a car in three years.  I save myself three thousand and thirty bucks a year riding my bicycle around here in Ventura.  But the people in India with the air bikes and all that.  They get bought out and shelved.  It all gets covered up and erased.  Either that or they get assassinated.  Like the methane gas carborater.  Your own raw sewage can create your heating, your cooking, and an energy resource for your shit.  But nobody wants to use it.  It’s just a waste.  Wasteful spending like the stimulus bill and all that.  We need that money!  And we need the environmental anti-shelving law to make sure it never happens again ever.  If anybody goes to a city or state and knows about this and its good for mankind, it could be put to use, then they should put it to use and protect the inventor.  Not go out and kill him and threaten him and put him out of business, and steal all their shit and cover it all up.  That’s what the world is about.  I’m sick of it.  End of story.  Sign a disclaimer and make sure you get a hold of Eric because Eric knows who we really are.  He’s been to a meeting at the city hall and he’s seen how ignorant they are.  You know.  I should run for the mayor of Ventura.  If this thing got off the ground maybe I’ll run for the president of the United States, and put so and so to work because right now I’m trying to find a phone to get a hold of this guy.  Because he’s been flaking on us and he’s best friends with one of these movie stars.  Over and out.

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