Alien Caveman

Anchovi'staxiserviceb copyIn a dark land was born a hero, a defender of the universe, a revolutionary.  And this man beat to a different drum.  He spoke of engines that defied the laws of physics and generated their own energy through magnets.  He built a dredge that could turn the Himalayas to the Grand Canyon.  But most will remember this man as a phenomenal surfer who broke all the rules of surfing.  Some birds were meant to fly free.  Caveman navigated his sailboat from Santa Cruz Island to Ventura Harbor in Gail force winds and ten foot swell, some of the heaviest conditions I’ve seen to this day.  He taught me how to handle the boat in those particular seas, then departed to the cabin for a nap.  It was do or die and I quickly figured out what not to do.  About five minutes after he laid down, I broached so hard off the front of a swell he stuck his head out of the cabin and said, “You do that again and the mast will come down.”  then went back to sleep.  I didn’t do it again because he was telling the truth.

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